The Scoop

Here is the scoop on Louise. The oncologist was first. She said that we need more time to determine if the tumor is growing or not. The scan is not abnormal for someone who has been through what Louise has been through. They have to gather as much evidence as possible and they are taking a more long term view, meaning you cannot go on one scan alone, or on a bad day or two. She was concerned enough about the lack of energy to order blood work. She wanted to rule out anemia or any vitamin deficiencies. The results showed that Louise had low blood sugar, and that her potassium was high, as well as her thyroid. Everything else was in normal ranges…including her B-12. They adjusted her thyroid medicine and discussed her meals. She needs high fiber meals with whole grains, proteins, and starches several times a day. This will be an adjustment for her. I am not even sure how much she is aware of when she cooks nutrition-wise. I am hoping to get some meals for the freezer made so they will have something to choose from. If you want to contribute to this freezer food please let me know and I will tell you what kinds of things to prepare and serving sizes.
Next was the surgeon. Bill said that they went through all of the recent changes in Louise and he said the same thing as the others. We need another scan in November. He said there are cycles and that sometimes a down cycle can last a few weeks, so not to be alarmed. He also said that radiation works for a while after the treatment, so it could be that some of her symptoms are related to the fact that it is still killing cells. He went over the medicines again and left everything alone. This includes the anti-depressant and the steroid. Basically, he said that since he saw her last, after her surgery, she is doing much better. Her eye is tracking well and all her tests look as he expected. Bill left feeling better about things. He feels that they all keep saying give it time, which means they think we have some time left. We will be watching her closely to see if this heavy, sleepy, unmotivated state lifts. Hopefully if we can get her meals to give her the nutrition she needs for her brain to heal, and the medication adjustments help, she will begin to perk up to some degree. We will keep you informed of any changes. Thanks so much for your prayers and caring. We cannot tell you how it helps knowing that there are friends out there holding us up.

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