Do you remember dot-to-dots? For those of you who are younger, a dot-to-dot is a hidden picture which is exposed when one uses a pencil to connect numbered dots, in order.  I always loved dot to dots.  They were part puzzle, part mystery, and part art.  On the more complicated ones, it could be difficult … Continue reading Dot-to-dots


I don’t know where to start with my Mother’s Day post this year.  Sometimes I think about young moms, and all the beautiful exhaustion that goes with that role.  Other times I think about those who are not moms, for a myriad of reasons, and I bless them for sitting through all the Mother’s Day … Continue reading Mom


A year ago, the cherry trees were in full bloom.  We wheeled my Aunt Betty into her front bedroom to see her tree, at her request.  Her question to us was, “Is my tree blooming yet?”  She was enamored with the petals which were frosted in all hues of pink.  The ancient trunk reached toward … Continue reading Sisters


You may have noticed. My words are stuck.  They cannot make it from my head to my hands. There is a pile of them at my heart waiting to flow out.  They are heavy and sluggish, these words.  An incredibly busy season has led directly into a season of grief, where words are few and far … Continue reading Blockage