For Bev

I don’t know when I first met my childhood friend Beverly Stripling. It seems like we have known each other forever, because we went to the same church for decades. Her death this week has me nostalgic. One of my first memories of her was fighting with her during our elementary years. One incident in … Continue reading For Bev

Life is Short

Life is short. It’s a phrase we hear often…and it’s accurate. Compared to eternity…or even compared to history…our lives are but a blink. Small blips on a never-ending timeline. We usually use this phrase to remind ourselves of the brevity of life, so we will remember to focus on truly living to the fullest every … Continue reading Life is Short

Dance On

My friend Mildred died recently, just one week from her 101st birthday. I last saw her at her drive by 100th birthday party last year. She waved and smiled at each guest as a long line of vehicles queued up and waited their turn to give a word of congratulations on becoming a centenarian. She … Continue reading Dance On