Recently, my nephew David called my sister and me. He asked us if we could get Dad to the Gainesville Botanical Gardens at 11:00 on Saturday. His story was that he was flying in from Orlando and wanted to surprise Dad for his 85th birthday. What he didn’t tell us was that he wasn’t the … Continue reading Surprise!

I Wish

The rain slides, hisses and splatters on my front walkway. The drips resonate louder up close, but the drone of a steady soaking rain fills the air with sound which makes my eyelids heavy like the downpour. Perfect reading weather. Perfect writing weather. Perfect napping weather. Perfect weather. I wish I could capture, with images … Continue reading I Wish

New Hope

Forsythia is waving her wild hair in the breeze and the cherry trees are following her lead. The pears are mostly changed out of their lacy white gowns into their green dresses to join in the dance. All shades of tulips are showing their faces to the warmth of the sun. All around is a … Continue reading New Hope

The Heavens

There is something about the heavens that brings perspective.  Standing below them, hope hovers close to my heart.  The brilliance of the stars contrasts with the black of the sky and the juxtaposition is breathtaking.  Gazing up reminds me how small we are.  How quick life passes.  How unimportant my biggest problems are.  There is … Continue reading The Heavens


  I’ve been thinking about leaving a legacy lately. Maybe it’s working with elderly parents, wondering when they are gone what of them will continue on in generations to come. I am recognizing with new eyes, we all leave an inheritance of one kind or another.  I’m pondering what I want mine to be.  These … Continue reading Legacy

Summer Song

  There is something magical about porch sitting, and it really doesn’t matter whose porch I am on, they are all enchanted to me. Today the carpet of grass is silver with dew, the wet dirt is deep red from summer rain.  The green extends to the edge of a forest. The morning light is … Continue reading Summer Song