I’ve been thinking about leaving a legacy lately. Maybe it’s working with elderly parents, wondering when they are gone what of them will continue on in generations to come. I am recognizing with new eyes, we all leave an inheritance of one kind or another.  I’m pondering what I want mine to be.  These … Continue reading Legacy

Summer Song

  There is something magical about porch sitting, and it really doesn’t matter whose porch I am on, they are all enchanted to me. Today the carpet of grass is silver with dew, the wet dirt is deep red from summer rain.  The green extends to the edge of a forest. The morning light is … Continue reading Summer Song


In an effort to keep my body moving, I have desired to take up kayaking for a while now.  My legs still work, but some days I am not sure how long that will be true.  The cartilage in the joints is disintegrating thanks to chemo, so hiking can sometimes be painful.  Being a paddler … Continue reading Kayaking


The wind is howling, rushing down the mountain through the trees; they are possessed with it.   I can feel them bowing and bending. I can hear the violence of crashing branches. Surround sound starts on one side of me and then swirls around to the other.  In the wee hours, when my mind is wide … Continue reading Windstorms