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Michelle’s Mosaic is a place of grace.  It is a place where I process the broken pieces of my life as I watch and wonder at God’s great mercy to create something beautiful.  If you are looking for strong opinionated commentary on politics, religion, healthcare, or other hot topics of the day this is not your site.  It’s not that I am not opinionated; I most certainly am, however, I do not find it challenging at all to find ways to disagree with people.  That is easy.  What is difficult is finding the intersections where I agree with them.  Some call it common ground…I call it common grace.  It is the place where the grace God has bestowed upon me touches the life of another, creating an intersection of sorts.  A place where the value God places on every life is upfront, and the breath he has breathed into each of us is sacred.

I write from my heart.  I hope to inspire, and encourage.  My interests are varied, but my journey is one I willingly share in hopes that my pain and happiness, my sorrow and joy will be transparent enough that my reader will feel what I feel.  I paint with words so that those who have no words can relate, and know that they are not alone.  I share my perspectives knowing that many times they are not the norm, but real all the same.  I am honest and do not hold back when I am struggling because vulnerability is how I connect with others.  Genuine, heartfelt, and sincere are things I strive to achieve in my writing style…along with occasional humor and mischief.

Image: "2/365 Days - Pen and Paper" by Athena on

Image: “2/365 Days – Pen and Paper” by Athena on

One thought on “My Writing

  1. We just celebrated 20 years of survival from a TBI for my 25 year old daughter on February 1st of this year. You’re the first family I’ve heard of that actually celebrates the day, as opposed to only dreading the day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a horrible memory and I completely understand your feeling of fog and clarity, but she lived and we are forever grateful, even if it is both a blessing and a curse.

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