Louise Update

Last time I checked in with you all I told you we had visited with Louise and she seemed kind of down and tired. Unfortunately this has continued to increase over the past week or so. Bill went for a visit today while Ray stepped out to his own doctor’s appointment. (a heart check up) Bill said she was tired. Louise told him that if it wasn’t for Ray she wouldn’t even get out of the bed. Her eye is still bothering her and she has gone back to wearing a patch over it. While Ray was gone, Bill got her to take a walk with him around the property, down to the lake and back, and said that she enjoyed it some, but mainly talked about how unmotivated she is. She seems depressed to him and it left us wondering if anything more can be done to improve her emotional state. She has two doctor’s appointments tomorrow, one with the oncologist and the other with the surgeon. Ray and Bill will be going and asking questions about this latest, seemingly downturn, in her condition. They also want to find out if any of her medicines could be causing her mental state to worsen, or if there is anything they need to add to her list of meds to help her.
She also fell a couple of times last week and seems a bit more unsteady on her feet. She was not hurt, but she hasn’t had too many balance issues since she recovered from her surgery so this is causing us some concern. Her hands are also shaking quite a bit, which could be from the increase in steroids. There is a list of questions that need to be asked tomorrow and hopefully we will get some answers that will ease our minds. She is quite worried about these appointments tomorrow. Her anxiety is high, and she doesn’t want to leave the house long enough to go to both appointments. She doesn’t ever want to leave the house anymore. We know that this disease is deadly, but we think that it is too early for this to be a result of the cancer. Please pray with us that things will be clear to us tomorrow as to the cause of this downward turn, and that we would have the strength to accept the answers that may come to us. It is our desire to have quality time with Louise, so please ask the Lord to show us how to best do that. Check back tomorrow for an update on what the docs said.

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