I went for a visit with Louise today. I cooked several meals yesterday, like I do for my own family, and took them to put in their freezer this early evening around 4:30. When I got there Louise was in her pj’s. She said she was waiting until 9:00 so she could go to bed. She was in good spirits, but dozed off several times during our conversation. She said the changes to her medication don’t seem to have changed how she feels. Yesterday she had a headache and felt bad. Today she was feeling better, but seemed very tired. Her communication was better than the last time I talked with her, so that was a good thing.
She has her last reading therapy session this week. I guess you only get a certain number. She told me it didn’t matter because she wasn’t getting any better any way. We chatted about the kids and all that they are doing. She told me she was concerned for her brother Jim because his back has gotten so bad he cannot walk. Worrying is part of this disease and bad things seem to get stuck in her head. It is good when she has some good news to fixate on. She told me that Gail is coming next weekend, and she is glad, though she said she wouldn’t be able to “play with her.” I told her that Gail was coming to visit and didn’t expect to be playing. I think both she and Ray are looking forward to Gail’s visit. It will be good to see her. She will be here until the 27th so they will get a chance to spend some time together. Being a nurse, it will be nice to have her medical eyes to help us understand how to proceed. Sometimes being a non-medical person has disadvantages. This way she can read over the reports or talk to us about what the doctors are saying and what that actually means. It will be good to have an interpreter. We are looking forward to some family visits.

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