Louise Update

I am finally updating everyone on Louise. I know it has been awhile, but that is good news not bad. She is going to radiation everyday. She is tired, but not completely exhausted. Her hair is thinning but not bald. Her spirits are good for the most part, other than her usual frustrations with her eye and her memory. I went for a visit today and she seems to be doing better with her communication than the last time I went. Ray says he has seen a big difference since she started on steroids. Louise, of course, does not see it. She has a week and a half left on this stage of treatment. Then she will not do anything for a month. That will give her body a rest, after that there will be a scan and the next steps will be set after we get the results. She seemed worried today more so that usual. Not really about the frustrations of herself, but all the rest of us. My son Peter broke his foot and she was worried about that. William is trying to decide on a college and she is worried about that. Ray had a meeting today and she was worried about that. Worried about the economy…etc… No matter how I tried to turn the conversation she found something to worry about. She has always been a worrier, but before she could DO something, now she is just “crazy in the head and of no use to help.” This is the first time I have seen her like this, but at the same time she said “There’s nothing I can do…it is all out of my hands, so I just sit here.” She talked about trying to set her mind to think of other things. She is always happy to see the boys when we come over. They kind of distract her to some degree. Today she was rubbing her head a lot and seemed to be having some discomfort at the sight of her radiation. When the boys came in her face lit up, except for Peter’s crutches and boot/cast she talked about positive things with them before they went up to the pool. I think it was a welcome visit.
Ray is holding up. He had a meeting today, but was still able to take her for her treatment. She worries about his health, though as far as we can see, he is doing great health wise. She is continually saying how old he is to everyone, much to his dismay. She has at least stopped telling everyone his age. She still hopes to drive soon, and to have her eye fixed. We are hoping that they can do something to help with that after the radiation is over. One step at a time. Thanks for checking in on her. Sorry I worried some of you by not posting recently. There has not been that much change or new to report on her condition, and I have been taking my kiddos to the dentist, orthodontist, eye doctor etc… Busy times. As always your prayers are welcome.

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