Old Tricks

Louise is up to her old tricks. The doctor said she could cut her steroid in half, because she complained that it made her too hungry. She took that to mean she only takes it every other day. Ray explained that it actually means that she is to take half a pill once a day. She disagreed. Today Ray felt bad (a bit of a stomach bug or something he ate) so he went back to bed and left her to take her medicine. Later, when he was up he found out that she took all of her pills but the half. He threatened (with a smile on his face) to give her a whole one if she didn’t agree to take the half.
The problem is that one day she understands why she needs it, but the next it doesn’t seem so important and she can’t quite remember what it is supposed to do. Therefore, she deems that it is worthless and doesn’t take it. This was highly normal right after surgery, but she has since come to trust that Ray is doing what is best for her. She lets him handle the medicine without much argument.
While I was there today, I noticed that she was having trouble communicating again, only to find out that she hadn’t taken her pill yesterday or today. It makes a noticeable difference. I told her that. I also told her that it wouldn’t hurt her to gain weight since she lost so much after surgery. She said she has already gained it all back and that this pill would cause her to gain too much. The spunk has not left her at all. She hates medicine and will not rest until she is off of it all. The realization that she will have to take some of it long term seems to have left her for the moment.
The great thing is that this will be her LAST week of radiation. Then she gets her month off. Depending on how she does, she may get to drop a couple of meds that were to help her brain swelling during treatment. The first thing on her list after treatment is to get her eye looked at and go from there.

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