A couple of weeks ago I talked to Louise about my 3-day walk. She knows that Hannah and I are doing it in October. We are training and she asks me how it is going from time to time. On this day, she asked and I told her how many miles I am getting in each week and how I am looking to increase it each day. I told her some of my favorite walking spots like Unicoi and Smith Gall. She has hiked most of the trails I am training on with her hiking club, so she likes to hear about my walks. She can picture the places I am walking and she is familiar with the hills, creeks and such. It was a good conversation. Then I told her we are dedicating our walk to her. She was silent, but there were tears in her eyes. In a minute, she said, “That is sweet of you. Thank you.” If I had any doubt about why I am doing this, it took flight at her teary words. I said, “You are a breast cancer survivor, and you are fighting brain cancer. That makes you someone who is due some honor. We want to walk so they can find a cure so others don’t have to go through what you have had to endure.” She was genuinely touched by our efforts on her behalf. She knew that I was walking for my own health, but I hadn’t realized that I neglected to tell her of our dedication of our walk to her.
If you have never looked into the eyes of someone who has, or is battling cancer you do not know the fear mingled with hope you see there. It is scary to take this forced journey, yet there is more hope in this day of progressive medicine than ever before. Years ago, the word cancer meant a death sentence. Now, you can survive it. I have met so many survivors who thought there was no way, that their disease was too far progressed, but years later they are still cancer free. What I am trying to say is that the research is working. They are getting closer and closer to finding a cure. According to Louise’s doctor in the past two years the chemo for brain cancer has come light years….more than all the past years combined. Who’s to say what the next 2 years will bring? Who’s to say that the dollars Hannah and I raise won’t be the ones needed to finally put an end to this disease? Will you help us…please? We walk in honor of Louise, a spunky lady who has loved us for years. We walk in honor of good health. We walk in hopes that we can save lives. How many lives have you tried to save today? Join with us.

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