Morning treatment

I have been out of town visiting Hannah in Rome for the past couple of days, therefore I have not updated on Louise during that time. Bill took her to her radiation appointment today at 10:30. It was her first morning appointment. All the rest should be in the morning from here on out. He said they got in and out quickly and all went well. He took her out to lunch afterwards and they had a good time. He said she could read a few more words than usual and even commented that the work she is doing with the therapist on reading must be working more than she realized. That is good that she is able to see progress. We have not seen any regression so far, which is also good. In fact, it seems that her speech and communication are still improving.
She did tell me the other day that she is thinking of things she hasn’t actually done…like she is confused sometimes. I haven’t seen it but she said it was scary and felt like she was not in reality but in her imagination. That is the only comment she has made that causes me to think there might be some changes occurring. Most of the time she is doing her best to take one day at a time. She still goes from frustration to thankfulness, and seems more at ease lately with things. The anxiety and worry she was experiencing at the beginning is much reduced. I think having a treatment plan and working the plan is helping her emotionally a lot. We continue to thank you for your prayers for our family. We are seeing the results.

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