Reading and Writing

We had a good visit with Louise last night. She was in good spirits. We took William over to see her since she had called him on his birthday and told him she had a gift for him. She said she remembered his birthday AND his name. Pretty big accomplishment for her. I don’t know if she had any help remembering from Ray or not…she acted as though she did it all on her own and William was excited for her. When we got there, she had a card for him. She had written his name “Willima” on the front and a note “Most very happy birthday! Love, Nannie” on the inside. She did all the writing on her own. She was disappointed that she misspelled his name (she asked him if it was right), but he told her is was only two letters reversed and that the whole note on the inside was right. She seemed pleased with that. She showed us some of her homework. She is up to two word combinations now, still frustrated that it is so hard, but we are still seeing improvement. So far, the radiation doesn’t seem to be having a negative affect which is an answer to all of our prayers. Mostly they go and have her radiation and do things around town, eat lunch and such, then return home and hang around the house. She has been going to church on Sundays and getting out some. It has settled into a bit of a routine for them and that is a good thing…kind of a new normal.

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