Pool Day

I had a day at the pool today. I just went, just me, and swam, sat in the sun and enjoyed summer. The weather was perfect…low humidity, no clouds, just sun and breeze. Mmmmm. Loved it. I also, while I was there at the pool, Louise came up to visit for a bit. She said she went to bed last night at 9:00 and slept until 10:00 this morning. I knew she looked tired yesterday. She looked much better and rested today. She worked around the pool trying to get the bugs out, run the filter and add some chlorine. That has always been her job and she doesn’t like the fact that someone else has been doing it. She got frustrated that she couldn’t remember how to turn on the pump, but seemed to like feeling of helping.
Later I went in and helped her with her homework. She had done all the pages where she identifies the words, those are easy for her. The ones we worked on are the ones where she has to fill in a missing letter for a word. She hates these, because they are hard. She said it is embarrassing to look at a picture of a rose and not be able to tell the name of it. It makes her “feel retarded.” She does very well if you give her two choices. Like is it a rose or a violet? She gets it right away and can usually tell you which letter is missing and then write it correctly. But for her to get it on her own is slow and she quits easily. We got the whole sheet done, and once again I told her how much better she is doing, but she just doesn’t think so. She sees herself as how she was before surgery and that is what she compares herself to, no matter how much we tell her about how she has been since.
She was cooking dinner for the first time tonight. She asked me how to cook chicken. I gave her a couple of ways. Later in the afternoon, when I came down from the pool, she was cooking. She had the oil way too hot in the frying pan but the chicken was browning on the outside. She took it up and put it in a pan and poured soup over it…like a casserole. I asked if she wanted to add cheese or anything she said no. Didn’t want my help. She started to put cinnamon on it but I stopped her. I showed her the salt and pepper and told her that those go on most anything. She added salt and a TON of pepper. I tried to tell her it was too much but again, she wanted to do it herself. She put the whole thing in the oven. When I left I told Ray he might ought to check on it. When he did she got offended that he doesn’t trust her. So you can see the cooking will be an adventure. I think Ray will have to covertly read the paper in the kitchen to keep an eye on things as she cooks. It will be interesting to be sure. 🙂

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