I went for a visit with Louise today. She and Ray had a wonderful time at her brother’s house. It was good for them to get away from all the doctors for a few days. They also got to see her cousin, and talk to her other brother from Colorado. She seemed tired from the trip, more so than I anticipated. She said it takes it out of her because of her inability to communicate like she wants. She has to work harder to come up with the right words and to follow conversations. She was glad that she and Ray were the only people with Tom and Bobbie. More people causes even more trouble communicating. She told me a play by play of her time there. Dinner outside on the porch with the fireplace and that she needed a coat because it was so cool there. She said they went on a couple of walks and she enjoyed the beautiful view they had from the top of the mountain. She said that she thought it was good for Ray to get away too. He got everything packed and organized, which surprised her. That has always been her job, so this was new. After they got back, she had a nap.
Once she finished telling me all about their trip, she seemed a bit down today. She had even noticed it herself. I think the reality of her situation may be dawning on her some. She said that she might not get any better than she is right now. The fact that she realizes she may not get back to 100% is upsetting to her. Depressing really. We have talked her into trying the anxiety medicine they have prescribed her. She had taken herself off of it, but now she is going to try it again. We explained that as much as she has been through she needs it, at least for a time. I told her how I had to take it when I was going through treatment to help me cope with all the physical changes. That seemed to make her feel better. She comes from a mindset that you should be able to just pick yourself up and get better. She hates all medicine and has always been healthy enough that she had needed very little over the years. This is new to her, but we are hoping that when she feels better it will make her realize the medicine is there because the doctors think it will help her.
She also seems to think that her back pain may be related to her digestive system. She put some warm compresses on it and that helped to relax it some. She was able to go to the bathroom shortly after and said that it hasn’t hurt since. We are hopeful that it is as simple as that. We still haven’t heard anything from the tests she had last week. Ray is going to make an eye doctor appointment this week. Other than that, I think she is free from doctors for a week or so. I am planning to go to the pool this week and she said she would come up and sit with me some. I am also going to try to help her set up her books on tape we bought her. Before she was having trouble with the CD player, but I think now she is enough better she can work it…or have Ray work it for her.

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