A Visit to N.C.

Yesterday Louise had a couple of appointments, which Ray took her to. But as is usual when they run tests, we did not learn anything new. They did some tests trying to narrow down the back pain. Urine evidently did not show infection or I am sure they would have told Ray. They also did X-rays, again we assume that nothing came up or we would have heard. The MRI with contrast was completed, but that usually takes a week or so to get the results back.
Today Ray is taking her to N.C. to see her brother Tommy and his wife Bobbie. That will be a much needed change from all the appointments and tests. I think she will enjoy the break. Most of the time she wants to stay home. It is easier for her there. That was obvious the other day when we went to the cancer center. Ordering lunch is hard if you cannot read. Being in a crowded place is also hard if you cannot follow a conversation. The more people the harder it becomes for her to track what is being said. So she hasn’t been too many places, other than doctor’s offices. The drive up to N.C. will be beautiful. Her family will understand her shortcomings with communication, so this short trip could be just what she needs to feel somewhat normal for a while.
In the meantime, she and Ray wanted me to express their thanks for the dinners you all have provided. As of now, they do not want any more meals. When they need more we will let you know. Sue and Peggy have done a masterful job with the food. I know Dot came and I am sure there are many others who became the hands of Jesus ministering to Louise and Ray. More than anything Louise is overwhelmed that people would “go to all that trouble” for her. She is feeling that she and Ray together want to start cooking their own food. She thinks now is the time for her to learn to do it again. So far when she has cooked it has gone okay for the most part, at least as far as safety goes. Taste, on the other hand, I am not sure about, but Ray hasn’t complained so it must be okay. If her treatments cause her to regress and she ends up needing more dinners I will be sure to let you know. Until then, we are greatly appreciative of your efforts.

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