Today Louise had an appointment with the radiologist to begin to set up her radiation protocol. They put her in a mask, which somehow maps where exactly the laser has to go. It is a very precise procedure. It will take them two weeks to get everything set. If it is not done properly they could cause more damage than help, so we really want them to take their time setting it all up. The doctor is quite knowledgeable. There are a lot of really smart doctors out there and we have most of them on our team! Hurray for that.
Tomorrow she goes to a doctor about her back pain, which was better today. She said maybe she didn’t need to go after all, but we all would feel better if we had an expert opinion on it. She also has her post-op MRI tomorrow afternoon. This will serve as her baseline scan. Ray has an appointment with his doctor as well. Please pray that things will smooth out as far as appointments go. The past several days have been spent in the car and waiting rooms, not her favorite place. Now that we have protocol set, it should settle down some. We will all be happy when she doesn’t have to go to some doctor every day.

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