Oncologist appointment

I have been quiet for a couple of days because there has been no new news to report. Today we went for an appointment with her local oncologist. It was a follow up from our Emory visit. She confirmed that the course of treatment the doctor down there suggested is what we will do. Radiation first, chemo after. We will decide after the radiation when would be the best time to start the chemo. For now, she is kind of handing us off to the radiologist. After the treatments are finished, Louise has rested for a month, and had another scan, we will meet with her again to discuss further treatment.
As for today, she ordered a bone scan for Louise. The back pain, which is nearly gone “most of the time” is still a concern. The Emory doc wanted us to discuss it with this doctor so we did. She said a bone scan would rule out big stuff, like cancer that may have spread. We really feel that it is either digestive, or maybe the bladder/kidney infections that keep reoccurring. However, this will set our minds at ease to know for sure there is not something bigger happening. Louise was none to happy when she found out the scan will take an hour and that she has to have an injection three hours prior to the actual test. We discussed it some and I think she understands the need to have it just to rule things out. Hopefully she will cooperate next Monday when she goes.
The eye doctor is on jury duty…seems there is a lot of that going around with her doctors. Her appointment to see him is June the 21st, which should be the same day she starts radiation. Until then there aren’t any appointments scheduled!!! Hurray. The back and forth and waiting for appointments is exhausting for her.
Today I went by later in the day and she was playing the dulcimer. We talked a bit about her desire to get up and playing with her group by the fall. That seems to bring her some motivation to keep on trying to read the music. She can do much of it from memory, or by playing the numbers rather than the cords. It brings her some happy moments in a very frustrating time. Today she said, “My life is dull and scary.” I thought that sums up how she feels about everything. She has no sense of time, so each day runs together with the others. It was good to see her playing today and a bit more encouraged to be doing something she loves. I told her it is good for her brain to play music, it can reconnect better with the activity music brings. She didn’t know about that but said it makes her feel better. That is a good thing for her at the moment.

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