First Day of Summer

I sit in the silence.  All are sleeping but me.  I love the quiet mornings of summer.  After sleeping 3 ½ hours later than I normally do it is still only 8:30am.  The sun is up and the air is fresh and crisp.  Because of the recent rains, the vegetation is deep green.  The birds are calling to one another.  Soon the busyness of life will begin for the day.  Not that I mind, if I have learned nothing else over the years it is to enjoy every season.  These teenage years are the season of quiet mornings.  I remember the toddler season of quiet nights and the baby season of quiet naps.  Each season has its own joys and pains.

 I have graduated another child and that is both joy and pain combined. The second child is not as hard as the first.  It is no longer an unknown as it was last year.  I realize I do not have to say goodbye forever and that he will be back.  My heart knows that he will change, but that is the right thing for this season.  I have shed fewer tears, but tears just the same.  Again, I am trying to let go and embrace this next stage of life as I have the others before it.  I also realize my nest is not empty yet.  When the last one goes, my guess is there will be more tears because my mothering days…so much a part of who I am will be gone.  At least now, I know that I will always be mom, even when they are gone.  Maybe not as hands on as I am now but mom just the same.  I also know that God will have more for me. 

I think that God is so great to prepare our hearts for changes.  He allows us to draw close to him when we see that life will be difficult, then in that quiet place shows us what is next.  I am certain that for me, writing will be a part of that time.  He is preparing me even now to not shrink back from putting ideas on paper.  He has something there and it will take quiet time to find it.  Right now, quiet time is limited in my life, but one day there will be more.  I gladly accept both the quiet mornings and the quiet days yet to come.

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