Eighteen years ago, I gave birth to our first son. We did not find out before hand the gender of our baby, preferring instead to be surprised. We had a beautiful girl already so we hoped to have a boy, but would have been happy with either.  In my heart I was relieved when it was a boy because I knew that however many children it took, we would keep going until we got a boy to carry on the Gunnin name.  The labor was not so bad starting and stopping over a period of 24 hours.  The delivery, on the other hand was horrific…my hardest.  Aaron was 10lb. 5oz. and after my petite little 7lb. 5oz. Hannah, I felt as if I was delivering an adult.  The circumference of his head paved the way for his brothers.  It was traumatic to say the least.  However, he was beautiful and soon the pain of birth was a memory.  He has grown up to be a fine young man.  He is always challenging and questioning everything and has been that way from birth.  He is logical to the end and literal in thought.  As a small child that was what endeared him to many.  If Hannah had a forehead, then he must have a three head since he was only three.  He was always thinking even then and came up with some hilarious comments to prove it. His laugh always came easy, even after just a couple of days at home.  (I guess when you deliver an adult that it is to be expected.)  Compassion for others is something he possesses that is a gift.  Music is another.  Soon he will go off to college for more thinking, and probably some music too. I am teary eyed to think of it yet, it is time.  He is ready to enter the next phase of life as a young adult. I am ready to release him…kind of. I am trying may be a better way to put it.  Today we are proud of him and all he has become. Happy Birthday Aaron.  

One thought on “Adulthood

  1. Happy Birthday Aaron.
    There is no law of Progress. Our future is in our hands, to make or mar. It will be an up hill fight to the end, and would we have it otherwise?
    Let no one suppose that evolution will ever exempt us from struggles. “You forget” said the Devil, with a chuckle, “that I have been evolving too” (Inge).

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