Family Update

I know you all think I have disappeared.  Unless you realize what time of year it is…end of school year.  I have simply been too busy to get anything of significance written. 

However, I wanted to update you on the fam.  Hannah is in Israel and loving it.  She is working very hard and finding that digging is very strenuous, but that it helps you sleep really well. She is not too thrilled with the food…mostly veggies she doesn’t like.  She found some pottery yesterday so she was excited about that.  They still have a day or two before they get deep enough to find more.  It is a lot of moving rocks, pulling weeds and briars.  Good experience.  She also did some conservation last week.  So she is getting to see different aspects of archeology and anthropology.  It is hot there over 100 degrees and no air in the hotel so that is not fun.  Over the weekend she traveled around the Sea of Galilee and saw some amazing sites…Peter’s house, Jordan river, mount of the beatitudes, the quiet place of Jesus, and a first century city that is almost intact.  So far she is really enjoying the trip and learning a ton. She will be looking for babysitting jobs when she gets back, to earn some money so keep her in mind.

Peter is doing better, though his stomach still hurts on and off.  It seems to not be a severe and he is feeling normal most of the time now.  It may have been a seasonal thing…not sure just glad it is better.

Aaron is graduating on Friday.  We are having a drop in party on Saturday for those who want to come by.  He is ready to be finished. College orientation in June so he is looking forward to getting to go to Belmont for that.  He will be 18 next Tuesday…am I that old already? 

William made the snare line again for next year in band.  He is excited to finally have a year at the high school with no siblings.  He is more than ready for school to be out for the summer. 

Bill is tuning pianos again if you know anyone that has that need let us know.  I am counting hours now until school is out.  Whew…I will sleep for a week after it is over then get into a summer routine…that WILL include writing regularly.  I have to get back to it or I will suffocate!  Love to you all.

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