I love the rain.  Just sitting listening to it fall is soothing to my soul.  Tonight there is no thunder or lightning…just steady rain.  It kind of reminds me of camp when I was a kid.  I could listen to this sound all night.  Listen to drops of rain rolling down leaves and onto the ground.  The noise it makes in the woods is a constant shushing.  A gentle breeze blows that is a bit cooler than the earlier hot day.  Summer is here. 

Somehow the rain makes me want to sit and listen.  I want to hear what the Lord is saying this day.  The rain speaks for him.  It says wash off the grime and dirt of life.  Rest and let God cleanse your heart.  Be refreshed and revived.  It is a simple message really, but one I need to hear regularly.  Today the message is to sit and wait on him.  He sends his love through the steady pounding of the rain.

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