Love has Come

Love has come! Never-ending. Overwhelming. Overflowing. Abundant. Love like we have never known. Love that is more than we can imagine. Love we have looked for. Love we have longed for. Irresistible love.

Arrived. In the flesh. As a baby, not a king. As a human, not an idol. In a manger, not a temple. Love broke the mold. Shattered expectations. Love without condition.

Unheard of in that day. No requirements to receive this love. No laws to be kept. Freely given. Unheard of in this day. To all. Grace abundant. Accepting. Approachable. Real. Messy. Painful. Love in the trenches. Not out of reach, but right in the middle of life.

Love we cannot understand, much less reproduce. We are full of conditions. Only love those who behave. Only love those who love God. Only love those who walk in faith. Only love those who agree with us. Only love those who are accepted. Only love those who do as we say. Every person comes with their own condition. ‘I will love when….’ Is our mantra. The opposite of God’s love.

A baby. Vulnerable. Dependent. God. In the flesh. He let us love him. He let us approach. He let us hold him and feed him. He let us learn love, from him. He taught us. He showed us. What love is this?

You know my love. Abundantly. It is sacrificial. It does all for its own sake. Love is who I am. I cannot depart from love, because I am love. If you don’t understand anything else about me, please get this one thing. I am love. My love isn’t like human love. It is transcendent. It is divine. Broken for you by my choice. Because you are worth this kind of love. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I did it all for you. That is how great my love is for you. Never forget my love.

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