Like a Baby

Love wrapped in flesh. Limited by skin and bones. The bottomless well of love, capped…trapped in a body. Love so strong, so determined, it came in raw form. Naked. Unashamed. Like before the fig leaves. Like before the serpent. Like before the fall. A baby. Innocent love. Pure. Not tainted.

No masks are needed with this love. It sees and loves us still. No façades. No pretending. This love seeps past our defenses. It goes over our walls. It blasts through our barricades. It ruins our barriers. It goes around our efforts to hold it at arm’s length. It goes straight to the heart.

Piercing our armor. Reaching into our souls. It is vulnerable. It is intimate. It is raw. It is safe. If only we could believe it. Our baggage prevents us from holding this baby. We would rather Mary hold him. We adore. We say how beautiful. We bring him gifts. We bow. Then we walk away.

Back to our lives. Back to watching the sheep. Back to our own country. We let Mary wrestle with the implications of this babe. The complete change of mind and heart he brings. His raw acceptance of putting himself in our hands. He gave us control of his destiny. And in so doing, he fulfilled our own. His willingness to sacrifice himself showed us what love is. What love does.

Love does not wound. It waits. It is kind. It stoops. It bends. It meets us wherever we are. It doesn’t brag or boast. It sees. It does not look away. Love removes shame, it does not produce it. Love rejoices. It does not point fingers. It does not celebrate anger or fear. Love isn’t pompous. It doesn’t feel superior. It is humble. It challenges. It serves. Love heals. It believes and trusts. It coos. It laughs. It smiles. Like a baby.

I am love. I don’t require your love, but I long for it. It is your choice to love or not. I have provided you with all you need. You can swim in my love and acceptance. You can immerse yourself in my love. It can heal you. It is designed to do just that. You never have to reciprocate it. But I do so hope you will. I am delighted when you look my way. I am overjoyed when you sit with me and allow me to shower you with my love. When you return love to me, my heart beats faster. The baby you celebrate made the way for real love to reach you.

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