Joy in the Mourning

Weeping lasts for a day, but joy comes in the mourning. That is not a typo. I intentionally changed morning to mourning, because I believe that mourning is cleansing. After the post yesterday about my friend losing his wife, I thought it a suitable time to share. Mourning is healthy. We are designed to weep. It is a release of our deep feelings. Lament is good for the soul.

After a season of grief, joy is a breath of fresh air. Hardship and seasons layered with sorrow roll out the welcome mat for joy. It is hoped for. There is a longing, an ache for it. Fortunately, this joy isn’t dependent on our circumstances, or the political climate, or how the economy is doing.

Joy doesn’t depend on our happiness. Or in everything going our way. Even in mourning loss, joy is foundational. His joy is our strength in difficult times. It’s why the baby was found in a manger, not in a castle. Joy came in an accessible form. Non-threatening. A bundle of God-joy. It is what advent is about. Joy, even in the mourning.

Weep, Beloved. Tears release the pressure. As they run down your cheeks, the pain is leaking out. Falling away. I see every tear you cry. I know the pain you feel. I hear your silent prayers. Mourning leads to morning. Where the sun shines brightly again after a season of darkness. There is always light. There is always joy. You may not always feel it in the way you want to, but underneath the layers of your wound, joy can be found. In the deepest places. It is a well which never runs dry. So, mourn as you need, and tap into the deep joy I provide. It is my gift to you.

4 thoughts on “Joy in the Mourning

  1. Narcissus blossom, unexpectedly in view from my kitchen window – one sole clump – source unknown, as there is no trace in my memory of planting.

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