After a friend commented on this one, I pulled it out of the vault from 2011.


When the rug gets pulled out from under you due to life’s ups and downs you find yourself falling.  How you land isn’t even up to you it feels.  On your back, butt, knees or maybe… on your face.  These are times of re-defining.  Who you are.  Your purpose. Your foundation.  Change.  Growth.

Not God though, he never changes…just your perception of him.  Who you have thought him to be.  What his role is in your life.  The thing is, that the topsy turvy world around you is not solid.  No matter how much you think it, or try to make it so.  All is but a shadow, a mist.  He is the only real.  And He is unfathomable.  His desire is for you to be free and fully alive.  He uses pain to make that happen.  Odd isn’t it?  Pain as a tool.  The opposite of how we think.  We desire comfort and happiness, we believe it will make us content, fulfilled even.  Until it is gone.  Then we are left with ourselves.  And God.  Just the two of us.

It is here the change happens.  We look in the mirror and don’t recognize what we see, because all we are is gone. All that is left is what he has planted here…a seeming stranger, yet so familiar. It is his image.  When all is stripped away, it is all that is left.  Through the wrinkles, and the freckles, and the sad smile, which will all one day be gone, he looks out, through the eyes…the window to the soul.  When we stand, starring at his eyes in our reflection, he looks deep.  Into the heart.  He sees the scars there.  The pain that brought us to this place. The pain that we hate from our choices… which makes us who we are.  We want to be rid of it, but he uses it to shape us. To point us towards his face… within our own.

One thought on “Faces

  1. Thanks, Michelle, for digging into your archives. It is in the eyes of my Christian friends that I see Jesus. Thank you for being one of those friends. – luv, mary

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