26 Years Ago


In 1992, I had a dream. In the dream I had a newborn named William Andrew. It was so real I woke up looking for the baby.

I literally asked Bill in my groggy sleepy state, “Where is the baby?”

He said, “In the crib.” He of course was referring to Aaron.

I said, “No, not Aaron. Where is William?”

He looked at me like I was crazy. It was only then I realized I had been dreaming.  I wasn’t pregnant.  I already had two babies.  In the dream, I had the baby in September.  So, when January rolled around we were extra careful.  Neither of us had jobs at the time, and we were living with Bill’s parents so though we wanted more kids, we didn’t think the timing was right. (Shows you how much we knew!)  We made it through the spring and summer.  The dream was forgotten, until I found out I was pregnant in October.

I asked God about it and he said, “I never said the baby would be born in September…you conceived in September.  You had a baby in September living inside of you.”

Because of our circumstances, God knew I would need to know this baby was his plan.  And from the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew the baby would be a boy.  Even when Hannah insisted that this time she was going to have a sister, I knew.  We had an ultrasound to find out so I could be certain and prepare her for another brother.

We started calling him William right away.  No doubt about his name.  He was probably my easiest birth of the four, even at 9lb.14oz.  I went into labor in the early morning and had him before lunch. Bill didn’t even miss a meal.

He was an easy baby. Fell asleep in his carrier for naps. Was happy and joyful always. There was a sweet smile and as he grew he won people over with that smile.  He still does.  His heart is full and generous.  He is always compassionate and charming.  He has music to his toes. It is just in him. Always on an adventure of one kind or another, William has always been moving.  Standing still isn’t his way. In fact, when he stays in one place too long he gets restless. He is a good friend to have.  He is loyal to a fault. He never gives up on anyone. He loves well. He is an amazing man and I am proud he is my son.

God gave us another gift with him.  I might have had to have a dream to assure me this was a planned life, but I have never doubted it since that moment.  Happy Birthday, William.

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