A Prayer

IMG_9672Father God,

I come to you on behalf of the educators, parents, and students that are beginning another school year.  I bring them to you and lift them up.  Please impart your wisdom.  Calm the jitters that come with every new year.  Give the teachers creativity to teach lessons in ways that sink in.  Help them to cease being overwhelmed, and to relax and do what they know to do.  You have gifted them, you have given them the abilities and the intuition to know what is best for their students.  You have blessed them with the skills to read not only books but to read children.  To see them for who they are, to know what areas need strengthening and what areas they can excel further.  You have given teachers vision to see their students as you see them…valuable, beautiful, and important children who have so much to offer the world.  Help them to remember that the students are why they do what they do.  Give them the ability to separate all the busy work from the real work.

I pray for the parents of each child.  That they would be a stable factor in the lives of their children. That they would realize that they are an important part of the educational puzzle.  Give them the insight as to how to contribute and enhance the process.  I pray for unity between parents and teachers, that they would collaborate with joy and work together for the betterment of the kids.  Give the parents awareness as to how to bring balance to their children’s lives.  I pray that the love of the parents would seep into the children, giving them confidence to try new things, to reach for their dreams, to stretch themselves, to be motivated to learn and to have a love of learning.

I pray for the administrators, that they would use wisdom to make decisions that would benefit the students.  Give them your grace to lead well.  Surround them with those who will call them higher and bring them to a place where greatness can happen daily.  I pray for the seamless transition for all the new administrators, that they would have the unity they need to run schools. Help them to support their teachers, and the teachers to support the administration.  I pray for unity and a bond of peace.  I ask your presence rest on them, guide them and direct them into the place that you have for them.  Strengthen them in their inner man, give them the fortitude to operate in integrity and the courage to stand for the students in every situation.

I pray for the students.  Give them the desire to learn.  Help them to focus and give them the heart to try their best.  Encourage them when they are discouraged as only you can do. Surround them with your presence so that they feel peace.  Give them the ability to take in the knowledge presented to them.  But also help them to learn more than just academics, like how to get along with others, how to persevere when things get tough, how to have fun, how to communicate well, how to work together as a team, how to complete things that are not always fun, how to believe in themselves.  Give them eyes to see themselves as you do…as treasured children.

I give all of this to you Lord.  Only you can accomplish it, and you are more than able to do so.  Take care of my school family Lord…I do love them so.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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