Pointers for Parents

Pointers for Parents are regular SHORT inspirations to bring hope and encouragement to parents. I hope to build a bridge between parents and teachers as it pertains to the education of children and how we can work together for the betterment of our kids.

IMG_9673 I don’t know when the relationship between parents and teachers became so adversarial.  I think when the finger pointers in our world started blaming teachers for all the ills of society it planted a seed of distrust in the minds of the public.  Teachers are government employees after all, and we all know the government cannot be trusted.  Haha.

Seriously, the relationship between teachers and parents is strained, and that is to the detriment of our kids. I know there are some bad teachers out there, but the majority of the ones I know are in the profession for the love of children and the love of learning.  They pour out blood, sweat and tears over their students.  The time they invest in their craft is mind boggling. There are some bad parents out there, but again, the ones I know would die for their kids.  They work hard to make sure their kids are provided for and taken care of.  They absolutely want the best for their kids.

In an effort to build bridges, I am starting a regular feature called Pointers for Parents.  It is similar to the Tidbits for Teachers I started a few weeks ago.

Here are some ways to start the school year off in a positive direction.

  • Give your child’s teacher the benefit of the doubt. Use the saying innocent until proven guilty.  Clear anything you have heard about this teacher from your mind.  Go into the relationship with the view of being co-workers for your child’s academic success.
  • Understand that teachers are NOT trying to usurp your authority. Trust me, most teachers have their own children at home and they are not trying to be a parent to your child.  They truly want to teach them, not rule their lives.  They simply want education to be a priority because they work so hard to teach, and they know if there isn’t support at home they will have to work twice as hard…and so will the student.
  • Be respectful of teachers. They have spent years earning multiple degrees and certifications.  They have poured out money to make sure their classrooms have all that they need.  More importantly they have put love into everything they do. They know what they are doing.  They have taught hundreds of children and they know what works. Trust that experience.  If you still cannot agree, please go directly to them in a respectful way to discuss the situation, rather than yelling or calling the school board first, try expressing your concerns and listening to what the teacher has to say.
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher. I cannot stress this enough.  If you are in regular contact with the school, your child will learn that you and their teacher are a unified front that works together. He/she will understand that together you are working to make him/her successful…which is the whole point.

Stay tuned for more Pointers for Parents and Tidbits for Teachers by subscribing to my blog. Feel free to share with others who want to build bridges.

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