You might be the parent of a World Racer if…

You might be the parent of a World Racer if you…
1. You have seriously considered standing on the corner and selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts to raise funds for your racer.
2. You read WR blogs.
3. You check the parent facebook page hourly hoping to catch a glimpse of your racer.
4. You are amazed at how calm your racer is as the next deadline approaches and they are still far short of the goal.
5. You used to think fb/twitter/instagram were the downfall of society as we know it, and now you find yourself praising God daily for technology.
6. You have become a world geography expert.
7. You read WR blogs.
8. You find yourself wondering what God has in store for not only your racer but for you as well.
9. You notice people from other countries all around you that you had never noticed before.
10. You read WR blogs.
11. You have already started saving money for the parent vision trip.
12. You are knowledgeable about shots and medications for all countries.
13. You wish you owned stock in REI.
14. Your heart has beat with excitement at the same time your eyes are leaking tears.
15. You wish you were in a WR video.
16. You know this will change your racer forever, but you like your racer as they are and you ponder what that means…often.
17. You feel your heart softening towards the “least of these.”
18. You read WR blogs.
19. You cry at the stories of injustice.
20. You smile at how God works in the lives of the racers.
21. You watch what maturity looks like.
22. You long for a community with others that are followers of Jesus.
23. You wonder if your racer is adjusting.
24. You read WR blogs.
25. You worry less and less about your racer as you see God work repeatedly on their behalf.
26. You wish you could ride an elephant.
27. Your house is quieter, your life has a hole and you ask God to show you his desire to fill it.
28. You laugh when you see kids of all nationalities crowding around your racer to dance.
29. You read WR blogs.
30. You see the face of Jesus in a new way.

8 thoughts on “You might be the parent of a World Racer if…

  1. Love this! I am a WR alumni, its been 5 years now. I miss it so much. Definitely a life changing experience.

  2. Michelle, it was a pleasure to meet you and your husband at the Parent Launch! I’m so glad the WR staff included this blog in their newsletter because it will remind me to read your other blogs and because it’s spot-on! In fact, #16 is so true that I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds when I read it. 🙂 I’ve said those very words to myself many times. I’m proud of all our racers! Thank you for writing what’s in our hearts.

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