Martha Time

I have an amazing mother. About a month ago, she asked me if I wanted to have a girls’ weekend just the two of us. In her classic Martha way, she had already thought ahead and figured out that one week after Hannah left we would both need a distraction. I cleared my calendar of my husband, four children and two dogs. She cleared hers of her husband, three children, nine grandchildren and one dog. I guess you can tell that getting the two of us alone and together is somewhat of a rarity. In fact, I can’t really remember the last time we have spent more than a meal alone in one another’s company. Friday, we loaded up the car to continue a long held family tradition we call…gallivanting.
For those among you who may not be Southern, gallivanting is when you have a starting place and an ending destination with nothing scheduled in between. Time doesn’t matter, nor does route. You are completely led by what suits your fancy at any given moment. And the only moment that matters is the one that is happening now. We loaded the car and headed out knowing only that we would eventually end up in Asheville NC.
We took in galleries in Waynesville. Nibbled lunch and found more art to admire. Along our way we witnessed waterfalls and the panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We twisted and turned along that snake of a road until the tension melted out of our shoulders. We rolled down the windows and breathed deeply of the chilly mountain air. Hours later, after stopping at any overlook we wanted to, we dined until we had to give the waiter another tip. Cruising Asheville in the evening led us to an unexpected run in with an old friend walking his dog, and an unforeseen tour of the city when we got lost. Finally pulling into our hotel we discussed our lack of navigational skills and our fondness for real maps. The day was full as we talked about Hannah, happiness, head injury and heartache. We laughed about memories, memommie, motion sickness, and missions. We expressed admiration for one another, as well as our fears. There were a few tears, both happy and sad, and a late night chat in the dark because we didn’t want the day to end.
The morning light here brought a call from the nighttime of Romania which lifted our spirits even higher. Another day of gallivanting had us wandering down memory lane, and into art studios…chattering, giggling, and generally enjoying one another’s company completely. Sharing dreams and hearts, stories and times past carried us through traffic and over mountains all the way home. We meandered, which is a cousin to gallivanting, and simply means we took our sweet time. The night was chilly and we were exhausted from a full couple of days. It is the kind of tired that welcomes you to bed under a warm blanket, and envelopes your body, mind and soul. A peaceful tired that comes from days of opening your heart in order to let someone you love into it. A friend of mine recently told me that it is important to spend time connecting with your mom. I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. I call it having some Martha time. My mom is an amazing woman and I am blessed to be with her doing the things we both love. I would highly recommend a little mom time to anyone who wants to lift their spirit. I love my mom!

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