How to Help Hannah

Can I be honest with you? I have a confession to make…I am not a missions person. You read that right. Even though from the time I was a kid I was involved in GA’s (That stands for Girls in Action for all you non-Baptists out there.) and Acteens. I heard all the stories and saw all the pictures, but I never had the desire to go. I felt bad for the people, but they were so far away from my world that once the pictures were out of my sight they were also out of mind. I much preferred playing bingo with the senior citizens, taking gifts to the children’s hospital, then sleeping over at our fearless leader Ms. Annette’s house, and eating her lasagna. I wasn’t hard-hearted; I guess I figured the face of Jesus looked a lot like mine. My world was small and I liked it that way.

Then I had a daughter. She found herself drawn to other cultures. She, like many in her generation, is a citizen of the world. Her first trip abroad made her glow, and me tremble. However, when your kids are interested in something you become interested too. So in addition my boys’ interests of soccer, and music, I learned geography. I found out that my comfortable world was not so comfortable for others. My tender heart for kids in poverty broke to see kids in other countries unlikely to survive. I gained a new definition of poverty. I was appalled to learn about modern day slavery. I found a new appreciation for clean water that flows so easily in my house. I learned about the conflict in the Middle East, the history of the people of Ghana, and the recovery in Haiti.

Over time, I have come to realize that my daughter is leading me. She is showing me what the face of Jesus really looks like, and it isn’t like mine. She is showing me his heart of compassion which causes him to move mightily. I find that, as she goes, and goes, and goes, my view of God expands. The problems of who is saying what…left or right…blue or red…are insignificant in light of eternity. They are distractions from real and genuine faith, walked out among people in need. My daughter is showing me what being a follower of Christ looks like. My world is getting bigger with each stop she makes, not to mention I am getting quite a geography lesson in the process.

I want a window into the world, and through Hannah I am getting it. My eyes are continually being opened to my small view, and God’s enormous grace. I am humbled by my shallow understanding and grateful for her leadership to show me more of what God looks like. In that, I want to help her to finish funding her World Race trip. She has about $6,500 to go to be fully funded so that she can stay in the field and continue to teach me about the hands and feet of Christ. (I may even get to go myself in month 9 of her trip!)

My plan is this…to have an Around the World club. Once a month I will attempt to cook a meal from the country she is in. (Attempt. I will be using American ingredients. No intestines, brains, feet, or ears.) For a donation of $15, or whatever you feel led to give, I will serve you the meal, show you where she is, and share her work/prayer needs. The money will go to her WR account. Each month I will do it again for whatever country she is in. You can come every month or just the ones you are interested in. If you would like to come, the first one will be at my home on July 27th at 11:30 a.m. If you are interested in this I will need you to RSVP by the 24th so I will know how much food to make. Please message me, or call, if you will attend, and I will put your name on the list of those Hannah is leading…right next to mine.

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