The World Race

One Sunday after church, when Hannah was about 5 or 6 years old, she came to me and said, “I heard God in church today.” I was very interested in this and asked her what he said. I will never forget her response. “He said, ‘Go.’” Had it been a message on missions, or if we there was a missionary showing pictures of foreign children I might not have had the same reaction. As it was, the message had nothing to do with missions, and I was taken aback by my daughter’s words to me. Mainly because I felt them pierce my heart, and I knew that she had indeed heard God. Looking back, I feel the word was as much to prepare my heart as it was hers.
I didn’t hear another mention of it until she was in 6th grade when she approached me about a mission trip our church was taking and said, “I think I am supposed to go on the Brazil trip.” I replied, “You realize that means you will have to get on a plane, have shots, and raise money.” All of those are things she had said she would never do. She said, “If I am supposed to go I will be able to do all three.” And she did.
She has made many, many trips since then. She has graduated college with double majors in religion and anthropology. And now she feels the pull once again. Once again she is answering the call to go. She will leave in July for the World Race. If you haven’t heard of it I will tell you it is quite an adventure for the one going, a bit less so for the mom left behind. However, even as I get ready to spend the year on my knees praying for my daughter’s safety, I feel that it is exactly what she is supposed to do. She and her team will serve in 11 countries in 11 months. One month living among the poor in each country. She will carry all that she needs to live in her backpack. Like I said, quite an adventure. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.
Of course she will be raising funds for this trip of a lifetime. $15,000 to be exact. Seems like a lot of money until you factor in airfare, food, and other costs for one whole year. In order to fund her trip she will be doing numerous things…selling 31 products, visiting churches to make brief presentations, putting the need on fundraising websites, and partnering with Threads of Hope to sell handmade bracelets. I am sure there will be other sources that come up along her journey, because every faith walk she has made to this point God has provided the income. We have found that he takes care of those who lay down everything for him.
First and foremost I covet your prayers for my daughter, that God would direct each and every step as he keeps her safe in his hand. Next, if you feel the pull to help, please consider joining with her by aiding in the funding. Any of the ways listed above would help out, or a cash donation. You can message me for specifics. We have a TON of bracelets so message me for those as well. They are $2 for the round ones, and $4 for the flat ones, or 3 for $5 round, and 3 for $10 flat. They make great gifts for kids, grandkids, or anyone who loves colorful accessories. She will make half the money and send the rest back to Threads of Hope to help the families in the Philippines who make the bracelets. Most of all, thank you for your support to me as I officially become the mother of a missionary.

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