At our teacher training on Monday about how to teach writing we had about 10 minutes to write. I chose a childhood memory of my horse Jack…here it is.

There once was a horse girl. She collected those plastic horse models, drew pictures, and was generally fascinated with all things horse related. Her horse Jack was a black and white Pinto who was hand-delivered to her front door by Santa himself. It was the beginning of a sometimes tumultuous relationship. Jack was stubborn and mule headed. He valued doing things his way. The girl was the rider, but he was the leader. He took her for rides that included trying to knock her off by riding under low branches, or barn doors. He was desperate to free himself from the girl on his back. However, his antics backfired, because in this girl he had met his match. She was just stubborn enough and bold enough to hang on for his wild rides. She dodged the branches and door frames and was exhilarated by his speed when he broke away galloping for his freedom. Her long hair flying, she smiled at the tricks he played in order to make these gallant attempts at escape. She found a kindred heart in this horse of hers. He came to accept the girl on his back, and even like her because of the fact she herself broke free often allowing him to have his full head. They grew together in unity of heart, and their love of freedom bonded them. Over the years he learned to follow her lead because he finally understood she was a free spirit…just like him.

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