#3 Thing to Write About

# 3 Thing to Write About
What your desk things about at night.
I wonder if she realizes I’m still under here. Every day I sit, hoping she will too. Every day she stands, walks, and runs around with those kids. She doesn’t even notice me except to put some pile or another atop my head. At least at night it is finally quiet and I can try to get the jumbled thoughts off my mind. I only wish for a clear head…is that too much to ask? After all, her life would be pretty difficult without me. Somehow, when the moonlight shines through the blinds I can rest, even under the burden of all that rests on me. Standards, files, lessons, evaluations…not to mention safety procedures, all seem to rest at night. Maybe they sleep well because she doesn’t. Maybe even though they are physically on my head they are actually inside hers. Maybe. Hmmmm.

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