Settling In

I didn’t get a chance to go see Louise today, but I talked to her on the phone. I asked her if she had been to physical therapy today and she said, “I don’t know. I think I have been sleeping all day.” I talked to Ray and he said she had been to therapy. He also said they have put her in a wheelchair with an alarm on it. (I am telling you the brilliant person who developed bed and wheelchair alarms should be sainted.) I guess she was too active for them to feel comfortable with her walking a lot. The danger of falling, if she should have another seizure, is too great. As of now, there still have not been any more events. She is settling in and trying to get into a routine. She just doesn’t know it yet. The familiarity should help her to make some progress. She will see her regular neurologist next week, as he is still out of town now. She told me today that everything is weird. I asked her if it felt like a dream world and she said, “Yes, it’s kind of foggy all the time and weird, really weird.” Pretty good description for someone so confused…a good sign.

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