The Move

Louise was moved today. She is in a nursing home with a rehab unit in hopes that she will recover to where she was before the events of last weekend. At this point, she is on the move. Making us a bit nervous about the possibility she could fall. However, after laying in a bed for a week I think I would want to move too, so I cannot say I blame her. She doesn’t want to sit or get in the bed, just walk around. She is checking out the new center. When I talked with her on the phone tonight she said, “There are all kinds of people here from good ones to bad ones.” I took her to mean the ability levels of the other residents are varied. She continues to be confused about things, but I see some improvement each day so I think, that over time, this confusion may get better as the doctors hope. Her therapy schedule will start soon I am sure. That will give her a regular rotation of things to do and that should help her with getting settled. The progress she makes will determine how long she will stay. Our hope is that it is not long, but we really do not know. All we know is that “time will tell.” Ah…my favorite phrase once again.

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