Good News

We finally heard from the doctor today, after Bill expressed our extreme frustration with her treatment thus far. The EEG shows some electrical impulses in her brain…not seizures, but the resulting non-responsive spells are similar to an electrical short when the power goes out then back on. Once the power goes back on, the function should be restored. At least that is the hope. The treatment is to find the right dosage and the right medication to stop the impulses without having her be too drugged. If they can do that, he believes that her function will return to what it was before this happened or close. Our prayer has been that if this is her time to go that it would be fast, and that if she stays with us that she would be restored to functional. This is the first day we feel that it might be a possibility. Hope. I know that with God all things are possible, so we are waiting on him.

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