Did I tell you or what?

Did I tell you or what? “We’re not sure. Time will tell.” I swear I could be a neurologist! They got the results of Louise’s MRI back. No stroke. No tumor growth. We’re not sure. Their best guess at this point is ongoing seizures with unknown cause. They have moved her yet again, this time to a room that is set up to do a 24-hour EEG. The last one was a snapshot that showed no seizure activity, but it was one moment in time. Now they are thinking they need to watch brain activity for an extended period of time. Time will tell.
They reduced some of her meds today thinking that she was a bit too sedated. They were not sure if what they were seeing was symptoms or sedation. Now she seems to be a little more interactive. I came in and she said hi. When she heard Gail’s voice on the phone today, she said hey and then answered Gail when she asked how she was doing with “pretty good.” She continued to babble on for some time and even though we couldn’t understand her she was “talking” to Gail. That has given us hope that she is more aware that we previously thought. She still cannot feed herself or tell us what she wants, still most of the time she is sleeping or staring off into space. She rarely tries to communicate with us, but when we try to talk to her she sometimes responds my opening her eyes, or turns her head towards the sound of our voices. She needs nourishment. She has eaten very little today. A few bites of pudding and three spoonfuls of soup. It is hard to pry her mouth open long enough to get food inside. She still has an IV for fluids…but she does like her iced tea and will slurp it through the straw if we hold her lips around it. So some good news today. And some frustration. We are perplexed with the whole frustrating situation. Pray for clarity for the doctors and strength for her. Thank you my friends.

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