The Knee Story

I will probably be on the workman’s comp video next year for stupid ways to get hurt at work. So here is the story. I was getting the glass case at school ready for the governor’s visit next week. I needed to put something on the top shelf…which of course I cannot reach. I got a chair and pulled it close to the case. Knowing my right knee has been tender lately, I put my left foot in the chair first. I held onto the back of the chair for balance. As I pushed up with my right leg and pulled my right foot into the chair, I heard a pop in my knee and pain shot down the back of my leg. Mary, who was holding the chair for balance, heard the pop as well. It was not a bone pop…it was internal, in the joint itself. I could not stand up or get down. Mary had to help me to the bench next to the case. She got the nurse and some ice. It hurt badly, but I thought it would get better in a few minutes. I was wrong. I tried to stand and to put any weight at all on it is excruciating.
Bill came to the rescue and took me to my doc in Gainesville. (Thank God she is on our worker’s comp.) She took a look. Good news is that she doesn’t think it is my ACL…or a tendon. There are two possible causes. One is that a cyst that I had in my knee ruptured, causing the pop and the pain. Two is that my meniscus tore. This is different than the arthritis pain I was having before. If it is the cyst, it will get better on its own after a few days of pain. If it does not get better, we will redo the MRI to compare and see if there is an injury and go from there. All I know is that I am fine as long as I don’t move my knee. Haha. And if I put weight on it at all it is unbearable. All of you who know me well know that I do not sit still very well. Being immobile is not my favorite, and it is hard on my family as well. For now, I am on crutches for the next week to wait it out. I have pain meds, anti-inflams, and ice. I can work as long as I am not on my feet. Another haha. However, I believe I will do it because the pain will not allow me to push through and be tough. I do not do pain well, so prayers are welcome for my patience in the process of being injured, and for the pain to be bearable…or better yet, total healing and no pain at all!! In the meantime, I am pretending to be a princess with people waiting on me hand and foot. Always look for the bright side!!

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