I guess it was bound to happen. I am injured. I hear that happens to athletes…so does this mean I am one now? Maybe one twist too many or a few steps too far. My knee (actually my meniscus) is in pain. I go for an MRI on Friday to see how bad it is. For now, I am walking with a brace and a limp. Treating it like a baby, with ice and anti-inflammatory medicine. I hope that this knee will not require surgery…hopefully a shot and some PT will do the trick. That alone tells you how far I have come, I am hoping for shots!
The doctor said that chemo could cause weakness and degeneration. Have I told you before that cancer sucks? It just keeps on trying to steal life. Even though it is gone from my body, the long-term effects of the poison treatment live on in my eyes, legs and abdomen. Can I tell you something to motivate you? Do whatever you can to avoid cancer. I know that fit people get it too; however, the unfit are opening the door to let it in and putting out the welcome mat. Do not offer it a place to stay. Slam the door tight. Get up and get moving. Fight. Do not wait to take back your life like I did…keep it. You will not regret it.
Now that I am injured, I have to tell you I am scared to take it easy. I have gotten into the habit of being active. Sitting still no longer interests me, in fact it frightens me. I have a routine and a system that is working. To have to change that will throw me off and I do NOT want to go back to where I was before. I WILL NOT go back. So I am rethinking my exercise routine. Arms and abs. Floor work. I can do it. I WILL do it. Starting tomorrow.

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