An Invitation for my church friends

We would like to invite you to a reception for the Fangmann family in recognition of 9 years of ministry to our family. It is our desire to bring healing and closure for this family and to offer an opportunity for others to express gratitude for their service to us. It is our wish that it would be a day of encouragement and blessing to the Fangmanns and their children. Gary and Shelly have agreed to allow us to host this occasion with the understanding that they respectfully request that the events of the recent months not be discussed. We have agreed with their request, and ask that you would honor it as well. The reception will take place as a drop in open house at our home. On Saturday April 30th from 2-5 o’clock. Everyone who wants to be an encouragement is welcome. We will have a basket for notes, letters, and anything that would be a blessing to help them through this jobless transition. There will be no snail mail invitations sent out, so please spread the word to those who might not hear otherwise. If you would like to help with this event, or need directions to our house please contact us via phone or computer. Also, please let us know if you are attending so we can have a number in order to prepare.
Michelle and Bill Gunnin

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