So I have to tell you all about the latest with Hannah. She is doing well and has turned the corner on her adjustment. Starting classes has helped considerably. The routine and regular schedule are important to her. (I wonder where she gets that from? ) She has gotten her fan fixed because she figured out that in that culture you have to have a conversation to get things done. After this revelation she now knows an electrician by the name of Elvis.
She can now get on the internet, though her coverage is spotty. We haven’t been able to skype as we had planned. We have seen her once but the image was grainy and we got cut off several times. She found a quicker place on campus that may be able to have a better connection. We hope to try it this week to see if we can get a better image.
Her sickness is better and she has already had the opportunity to go to the hospital with a friend, since she knew where it was and how to navigate the system. The group has had trips and activities planned each weekend there. She watched the super bowl last night, even though it was very late Ghana time.
It is still hot but her body has adjusted somewhat. She tries to avoid having to walk in the middle of the day if at all possible. Her most recent issue has been Charlie horses in her legs. She has picked up some potassium to try to stop them. She says there are virtually no dairy products there, so getting enough calcium is also an issue. The natives eat the bones of the food they eat for calcium. She says she doesn’t think that she will be able to make that kind of adjustment, so she bought vitamins instead. I asked how in the world they can eat bones, she said they just bite into them and chew them up. Yum. Yum.
She has also found a theatre not too far away that has free movies on Tuesdays. They are foreign films without subtitles, but she doesn’t go for the films. She goes for the air conditioning. I told her to take a pillow and she could sleep. She says that sleep is not a problem, even with the heat because she has to walk everywhere and she is exhausted by the end of the day from sweating buckets.
She has a native roommate and they get along well. Some of the people in her group are having roommate issues due to cultural differences. Her roommate had an American roommate last year so she already knew what to expect. Hannah says she is sweet and that they get along very well. Can you hear my sigh of relief? Answered prayer number 5 million. She has met a pastor there that has worked with folks from our community here. He gave her a tour of the city, and is going to show her some of the ministries in the area where she can help out. Overall she is making the shift and learning how to make the most of her experiences. We thank you for your prayers for her well-being. It is nice to have such great friends and family to care about us.

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