Feb. 2

Have you seen the Toyota van parked at the sign shop next to Dairy Queen? For those of you who don’t live in Cleveland, it is a 1986 Toyota van that is for sale…the kind with the engine under the driver’s seat. For me, it is a reminder of 23 years ago. It is the exact van we used to have before Bill’s accident. When I see it, I feel a twinge in my heart. It was a great little van and we took many road trips in it.
However, I most remember it because of the accident. I was not allowed to view it after it was crushed, but I was told it was horrible to see. When they tried to get Bill’s shoe off of the gas pedal, the hole was not big enough for an arm to reach in and pull it out. I was told that the coin holders and little compartments on the console were filled with blood, which was also spattered all over the windshield. I am not trying to gross you out, but the reality is that it was a terrible accident. The bigger reality is that my husband is a walking miracle.
One man came to the hospital like he had seen a ghost. He asked me how Bill was doing and I gave him the run down. “And his legs?” he asked with tears in his eyes. He had seen the van. He thought it was not possible for Bill to have kept his legs. The color flooded his face again once I told him that Bill’s legs were fine. In fact, other than his brain and nose, there was very little wrong with him. Now I admit that the brain issue was a big one…a long and hard recovery, but when you think of all that could have happened to him physically it was a miracle he didn’t have all his bones broken. The doctors say it is rare to have no secondary injuries with such a severe head injury. I say it is a miracle.
It’s February 2nd again. Daddy’s Alive Day at our house. Today we remember and celebrate all that God has done. We celebrate LIFE!!!

“In the future, when your children ask you, “What do these stones mean?” tell them of the works he has done. These stones are to be a memorial to the people.” Joshua 4:6

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