When I survey the blanketed landscape I am still moved at its beauty. I know we have had a ton of snow this year, but there is something about the clean, freshness of it that draws me to look. I see the sun rise over the mountains, and the pink orange glow reflects off the snow creating the most beautiful dawn. The lifeless brown of the peaks in winter is temporarily transformed into a sparkling masterpiece. Tuffs of white rest on the trees, cover the fences, and line the roadways. Spotless. Fresh. Unsoiled. Quiet.

Have you ever seen quiet before? Early in the morning, snow looks quiet. I think that is what I love the most. On days when my schedule is slammed, quiet is good. It is refreshing and helps me clear my head. When I can look out the window and see the quiet, my heart rests. Like a deep breath, it cleanses the noise from my head when I see it. Viewing this lack of sound, somehow, creates peace in the deep places. All is covered. All is clean. His mercies are new every morning. What a spectacular gift.

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