Lesson 21 Take Stock

It is January. The month of resolutions and hope, which frequently turns into the month of disappointment. This year, rather than make a long list of all I hope to accomplish in the future, I have decided to look back. To take stock in all the changes over the past year. I was talking to a co-worker who has lost 75lbs yesterday. She told me some of her “ta-da” moments. We compared notes and found that it is empowering to look back. Being able to shop in a regular store is one of those, as is being able to sit in airplane seats, when only a few months prior those things were not possible. A regular size mammogram gown may not seem like a great accomplishment, but it was a “ta-da” moment. Taking stock can be inspiring. I wanted to take a picture of the dressing room in Old Navy because I was trying on clothes in it…a regular size in a regular store. My friend jumped for joy when she didn’t have to go into a handicapped stall in the bathroom.
Something she said, during our conversation stood out to me. She was shopping in a regular size department at a store when a sales woman approached. My friend said that she ducked thinking she would get in trouble for being in the wrong department. Irrational? Yes, but shame runs deep. Instead the lady took her to the petite department. What a joyous day for her, but how sad that her first reaction was to hide. This of course applies to more than weight and fitness…but then you already knew that didn’t you?
In this example, I see how deeply the lies of the enemy are embedded within our minds. Somehow we feel worthless, like we do not matter when we are not who we desire to be. So much so, that when someone approaches us we try to hide…sometimes even from the Lord himself. Yet he desires to bring us the good news…of great joy. He longs to speak the truth into our hearts to demolish the lies we believe. It is a joyous day when we realize that he is serious when he calls us beautiful. He is serious when he tells us we are valuable and unique, on purpose…his purpose. If we can truly believe what he says deep inside, our fears and insecurities fade away. We can rest in the truth that he loves us, and that is enough. This year I look back knowing that he has worked in my life to destroy the lies I believed about myself, and I look ahead knowing he ALWAYS finishes what he starts.
Happy 2011!

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