Lesson 22 Identify the Lie

In my last note I spoke about how we believe lies about ourselves and how it holds us back. Since that time I have been thinking…  It seems to me that if we could see the lies it would be easy enough to refute them. The problem comes in when we can’t see them. For example, the lie that says I cannot lose weight has ruled my life for years. (Remember it is still January.)My resolutions were broken year after year. I have tried to lose with limited to no long term success. My actions, my words, what I ate, how I moved…everything backed up the lie. In my mind I could not do it, therefore in reality I could not do it. But then last year, I had an epiphany. The truth rose up in me. I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me. I finally SAW what he had been trying to tell me all along. It was and is a process and I am still walking it out…but it crushed the lie. The truth is I CAN do it. The truth is that I AM beautiful to him ALWAYS. As a woman, that one is the hardest to grasp. I don’t know how the father of lies has gotten such a grip on our minds ladies, but it is time we find our freedom from false thinking. We are made in HIS image, yet we limit our view to our outward appearance. How hard that must be for him to watch. How it must grieve his heart to be enraptured with us, only to have us turn our heads from his gaze because we cannot believe he could find us beautiful.
These are only two of the most common lies, but there are a multitude of ones we don’t even recognize. My point is that until we see the lie for what it is, we cannot apply the truth, therefore we stay bound. It doesn’t matter if we have known the Lord for years or minutes. The lies are all around us. We are imprisoned by thoughts that we are not accepted, or valued or loved. We never feel we belong, and in turn, we hold others at a distance and it backs up our view of ourselves. It is a cycle. We are backing the lies that are at the core of who we are…or who we think we are. Just as I backed my weight loss lie with my actions…or inactions.
All the while, God is whispering the truth in our ears. The Holy Spirit draws us, appeals to us, and sings over us. We desire to be fully known and accepted. We crave it. We spend our lives looking for it, as it sits under our noses. The truth. The word. The Life. He calls to us. We turn from his voice. Until one day. One day he rescues us. Our ears open and we HEAR. The lie crumbles at his song to us. Freedom is the result. I can do it! I am loved! It is humbling to see truth after years of believing a lie, but it is also empowering.
A cycle of life begins. He calls to us. We run to him. We seek him. He exposes a lie. We SEE it. We HEAR the truth and believe it. Freedom. A journey of life which grows and changes with every lie that falls. We are emancipated because of the blood that tells us the truth. Some lies take years to fall. Others are refuted as quickly as they are seen. It is a lifetime in a relationship that stretches us, challenges us, and ultimately sets us free.
It all starts when we identify the lie. Recognize any of these core beliefs?
You cannot do it. (Whatever it is for you)
You are not beautiful/ worthy/loved/accepted/_______ (fill in your own blank.)
You do not belong.
If people really knew you they would not like you.
You are not ever going to be good enough.
You will never find love.
You just have to accept this the way it is.
You’re not talented.
You have nothing to offer.
You are worthless.
You need to hide your true self because it is bad.
So now that you see the lie…what is the truth? What does the one who created you say?
You can do ALL things through Christ.
You are the apple of his eye.
You are righteous/holy/beautiful because of his sacrifice.
He loves you with a passionate love.
You were bought with a price…therefore you belong and have been found worthy.
You are created in his image.
He changes everything…makes all things new.
He has uniquely gifted you for his purposes.
You are his workmanship.
This is the real truth and there are hundreds more. Seek them out. Believe them. Hold tight to these truths and watch what he will do.

One thought on “Lesson 22 Identify the Lie

  1. One of the striking differences between a cat and a lie
    is that a cat has only nine lives, (Mark Twain)
    A half truth is a whole lie.

    The goal is the same : Life itself and the price
    is the same: life itself.(J. Agee)

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