Update on Louise

I went for a visit today. Louise looks better. Her cheek is still bruised, but her eye and her chin are normal now. Her face is not as puffy, so she looked more like herself. She is off of steroids all together. I think that is part of the reason she looked more normal. According to Ray, she is trying to take on the cooking again, but she is confused and doesn’t remember what to put where. In one way, the fact that she seems interested in moving around and doing something it promising, however, she cannot do what she thinks she can. But you cannot tell her that without her getting very upset.
She used her walker today while I was there. Ray says she hasn’t had a fall in a couple of days, though he has caught her on the way down once or twice. It seems that she is stronger physically, however, her speech is much worse. She cannot seem to get out what she wants to say. She has started making up words. Before, you could figure out what she was trying to say but now, I could not even begin to understand. She said that in her head what she says is clear and makes sense, but then when I answered her she realized I didn’t understand her question. She tried to ask it again but I still could not make out what she wanted to say. She is getting very frustrated. She still seems depressed, though not as lethargic. She said it is a pitiful life she lives. I think that now her communication is worse than it was right after surgery, yet her physical is slightly better.
It is difficult to watch the up and down, back and forth. Medicine helps one thing but hurts another. Next week she starts her new program in Gainesville. I will be interested to hear what their beginning assessments of her ability show. She will have both physical therapy and speech therapy. I think having both at the same place may be better for communication between the therapists. She has an appointment coming up with the doctor soon. Then in December another one with her surgeon, however, if she continues to be this frustrated they may have to call and move her appointment up to see if there is something new happening in her brain or to adjust her medicine again.
On a happy note…Ray had a great report from his doctor. His PSA is .55, which in my book is pretty close to zero. I told him he needs a t-shirt that says Fight Like a Boy! So while, Louise is still battling this enemy called cancer, Ray has won a victory. Hurray for that bit of good news!!!

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