Today Louise started her new therapy. Bill and Ray went with her. Bill was very impressed with the facility. He said that everyone there is trained to work with neuro patients. We have liked the therapists she has had up until this point, however, Bill seems to think this is a much better place for her. She will go 3 days a week for two hours each visit. One hour will be physical therapy, the other will be speech. He said that they did formalized assessments of her abilities today. They found weaknesses and things that she needs to work on. One of the first goals is to strengthen her so that she will not fall as often. The assessment today showed that her hips very weak. Her ankles and knees, seem to be stronger so they will focus on her hips. They checked balance, and had her do many different tasks so they could identify specific areas. They did the same thing in the speech area. I wondered how she liked it and Bill said he thinks she will give it a try. She wants to get better, and even though she only sees herself getting worse, Bill says they will help her to see that she does have some strength.
We are thinking that getting out several times a week will be good for her. She will have to get up and dressed, she will have a goal on which to focus. The goals they set for her will be realistic, but push her to move forward instead of giving up. It will keep her active as much as possible. If her tumor is stable, which the doctors say it is, then this could help her gain back some of her function she has lost. We also think that if the therapists see something that a doctor needs to know they will let us know. Overall we are greatly encouraged that this will help her.

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