Watching Louise

Ray called today and told us that Louise had a fall. It was a bad one this time. She hit her face and head on the counter top as she went to the floor. He took her to the doctor who did a scan of her brain. No bleeding. No apparent injury to the bones. That is a blessing. I went by tonight to see her and she looks like she’s been in the ring with the heavyweight champion. Her eye is swollen shut, her cheek is puffed out and half of her face is black. She said her shoulder is black as well. I asked her if it scared her and she said, “A little bit scared, a lot depressed.” She also said she is angry at herself. She feels like she is loosing her function and that makes her mad. The realization that physically she is weak is not making her happy, and who could blame her. Losing your independence is one thing, losing your balance and health is another. You can adjust to having someone drive you everywhere, but it is more difficult to struggle just to walk. Please keep her in your prayers, and Ray as well. They are dealing with this day in and day out. It is hard for us all to watch and be able to do very little to help her.
The good news is that her speech seems to be some better. Everyone who has talked with her lately has commented on how much better it seems to be than she was after the surgery. I only wish she could see the differences. No matter how many times you tell her that she is better than she was, she only remembers what it was like before. She has a hard time settling for less than “normal.” We are encouraging her as much as we can. She was happy to see Aaron and Hannah when they came for their fall breaks. She still likes hearing about their lives. It was a blessing for them to be with her. This weekend Hannah and I will walk in her honor. I will carry her picture with me as I walk, along with others I know who have battled or are battling this disease.

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